National Draw

National Draw

The Basketball Ireland National Draw is available to all clubs to use as a fundraiser, and is launching again for 2022/2023

The National Draw returns once again in 2022, and we urge all clubs and teams to avail of this fundraising opportunity, clubs have earned €806,500 since the National Draw was launched in the 2014/2015 season. The National Draw will take place at the National League finals in April 2023.

John Feehan, CEO for Basketball Ireland, said:

“The National Draw has always been a great success since it was initiated, giving clubs an excellent opportunity to boost their fundraising efforts, while also giving people an chance to win some great prizes. I encourage all clubs to engage with this worthwhile venture, to benefit their members".

How it works

Your team/club/committee/organisation orders the tickets free of charge from Basketball Ireland. For more information contact Michelle Dermody at

Your team/club/committee/organisation sells them and keeps 80% of the intake, returning 20% to Basketball Ireland for certain costs relating to the production of this venture. For example: A full book of 10 tickets costing €5 each if all sold would generate €50. Your team would keep €40.00 and return €10.00 to Basketball Ireland.

Basketball Ireland provides all of the prizes too, with the grand prize of a brand-new Suzuki Ignis. We will provide free promotional posters to help each seller or club advertise the draw.

The Guidelines:

  • All tickets sold or unsold must be returned. If you do not return any unsold tickets - or tickets are lost – you are liable for 100% of the value (€5) of each ticket not returned. There is no penalty once unsold tickets are returned.
  • These tickets are available for collection and should be ordered by e-mail before collection date of your choice. Tickets can also be posted to you free of charge.
  • When ordering, please carefully consider the amount you expect to sell, as all 40,000 tickets available for this draw have the potential to be sold and we would hate for anybody to miss out on this fundraising opportunity while tickets aren’t being sold elsewhere.
  • We can only deal with one representative from each club/organisation at all times on this, so that person will be the point of contact for your club. Each ticket has a serial number which will be documented and should also be documented by that person.

The draw will take place at The National League Finals in April 2023.