Basketball Ireland Programmes

Her World Her Rules

Her World Her Rules is a programme in partnership with FIBA designed to target girls between the ages of 9-14 years old and encourage them to play basketball.

The sessions are fun and inclusive, which is the primary vision of the programme. It has worked very well so far with our Development Officers delivering these sessions throughout the country in different areas.


Socia-Ball is a recreational basketball program for women, designed to have them play non-competitively and for fun once a week with a group of friends or through a local club/LSP.

Last year we had 29 Socia-Ball hubs across the country, with the aim to increase this to 40. As with the HWHR programme, it targets women only to introduce basketball to new people or to encourage them to go back to it and play for fun.


The Jr. NBA is a programme ran in partnership with the NBA, with 10 clubs selected each year. Each club then liaises with 3 primary schools.

All the clubs and schools that are taking part in the programme have the same goal for the Jr. NBA league - to give young players a fun, and attention grabbing, introduction to the sport. This is a great non-competitive way for schools to start their journey in basketball and over the first two years of the league we have reached over two thousand new players. 

Each year, there is a Jr. NBA festival which takes place in the National Basketball Arena, where the 30 Jr. NBA teams travel along with their coaches, teachers, and volunteers. The JR.NBA festival welcomes 450 kids, to finish off an extremely successful Jr. NBA season. 


Basketball Ireland 3x3 is a new and exciting version of basketball. It allows players more time on the ball to have fun, develop skills and is played at a high pace (12 sec shot clock) – all points that allow skill development at a faster rate than 5v5.

3x3 can be played outside and inside – all that’s needed is a half-court and a ball. 3x3 can be played at every age group from U8 – seniors. 3x3 is a great teaching tool for basic 5v5 movements and skills. Often times within 5v5, the main offensive operation is performed by only 3 players.

With official FIBA sanctioned events (free and every club can do this), every player gets national & international ranking points which is the pathway to high level international competition.

Basketball For All

Basketball Ireland prides itself on being a sport for all abilities.

The Basketball for All programme ensures people with a disability are catered for within our sport. Whether it is our underage Basketball for All clubs which caters for all abilities, our adult inclusive clubs participating in Special Olympics competitions for players with an intellectual disability, or our work with IWA Sport to promote wheelchair basketball for players with a physical disability, Basketball Ireland provide an opportunity is a sport for all abilities to play the sport of basketball.

Urban Hoops

The urban hoops programme is a school’s programme that identifies disadvantaged or developing areas and attempts to use basketball as a fun and engaging way to bring the community together.

Basketball Ireland development officers work with schools in these areas to promote the game of basketball and create school/club links locally so players can continue their basketball journey.

This programme is extremely important in giving a chance to play basketball to children who would not have the opportunity to do so if it wasn’t for the Urban Hoops programme.

Green Shoots

Green Shoots is Basketball Ireland’s grass roots programme that attempts to introduce basketball to children all over the island of Ireland and develop their skills to be able to play basketball for life.

There are a number of programmes under the green shoots umbrella including our Basketball Ireland academies, National Camp, development officer visits and club/school visit programmes.

This programme is essential to for the development of youth basketball.


Masters’ basketball aims to facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle both mentally and physically and allow players over the age of 35 to continue playing basketball at a competitive and recreational level. 

The Masters National Cup attracted over 46 teams at 3 different age levels. Galway & Dublin Masters run tournaments annually that attract over 50 teams worldwide to each event. 


Helpside is Basketball Ireland's online platform which allows for coaches and all technical members to form an online community where they can learn and share knowledge.

Basketball Ireland uses Helpside to create and host courses, supported by resources, videos and webinars, targeted at coaches, officials, players, volunteers and clubs as a whole. Helpside will also serve as a hub for users to engage in peer-to-peer learning and provide users of all levels of experience the space to ask questions and increase their understanding of the game. 

Through introducing the digital learning platform, Basketball Ireland has adopted a blended learning strategy that enables us to deliver consistent learning as well as reducing travel time and costs associated with traditional face-to-face training. Helpside will help raise the standard in all areas of the game in Ireland through the promotion of continuous learning.