Register with Basketball Ireland

Registration for the 2024/25 season is open.

Basketball Ireland registration pricing can be found below.

Please note that Public Liability cover for clubs will be available for purchase through Basketball Ireland on the Gameday platform from August through the club registration form.

Players must register individually online through the GameDay platform, the opening date of this portal will be confirmed shortly.

Membership Type 2024/25 Registration Fee
Club Fee €175
College Fee €150
Player - Senior €26
Player - U18 €15
Player - U 13 €5
Player - U10 €0
SOCIA-Ball WIS Player €15
Associate - Senior €26
Associate - U18 €15
Coach - Senior  €26
Coach - U18 €15
Commissioner  €50
Referee - Intro €50
Referee - All other grades  €82
Table Official €50
Table Official - U18 €26
Team Manager €26
Volunteer €0
Inclusive Member €10
Inclusive Member U13 €5
Inclusive Member U10 €0

Information on Inclusive Player Membership can be found here. Information on SOCIA-Ball membership can be accessed here.

No individual or club will be deemed registered until the required fees have been paid.

All registration payments must made through the online GameDay platform.

In order to be covered by Basketball Ireland's Serious Injury Policy the individual/parent/guardian email address must be included on their registration profile.

In the event where a club chooses to register on behalf of an individual, a parent/guardian email can be inserted into the field labelled "Email 2" on the registration profile.

Our insurance partners have informed us that Individuals will not qualify for the Basketball Ireland's Serious Injury Policy if a personal/parent/guardian email address is not included on their registration profile.

Unregistered players are also reminded that they will not be covered by Basketball Ireland’s Serious Injury Insurance Policy.

Any Basketball Ireland registration queries or questions about the new system can be sent via email to the Basketball Ireland Registrations Officer, Daryl Lambe, on 

Those who have registered for the 2023/24 season, will have injury insurance cover until the end of the 2023/24 season, up to July 31st 2024 for organised basketball activities.

Injury claims will only be accepted if valid BIPIN’s are in place at the time of the accident/injury. The brochure link for details of injury insurance cover can be accessed here.


  1. Ensure you are using the email that is already associated with your registration.  (If you are unsure of the email used or if it needs to be updated your club can do this for you).
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. The members name and bipin will appear – click on them.
  4. On the next page the clubs name will appear printed on the screen – click on it and not the dropdown.
  5. Enter all required information.
  6. Select registration type.
  7. Proceed to payment.

Online Registration

Area Board Member Registration Club Registration
Basketball Northern Ireland (BNI) Register here Register here
Clare Area Board (CAB) Register here  Register here
Cork Ladies Basketball Board (CLBB) Register here Register here 
Cork Mens Basketball Board (CMBB) Register here  Register here 
Dublin Ladies Basketball Board (DLBB) Register here  Register here 
Dublin Mens Basketball Board (DMBB) Register here  Register here 
Galway Area Basketball Board (GAB) Register here  Register here 
Kerry Area Board (KAB) Register here  Register here 
Kilkenny & SEast Basketball Board (KKSE) Register here  Register here 
LonLeitRoss (LLR) Register here  Register here 
Mayo Basketball Board (MAB) Register here  Register here 
Midlands Area Basketball Board (MABB) Register here  Register here
North East Area Board (NEBB) Register here  Register here 
North Munster Basketball Board (NMAB) Register here  Register here 
North West Area Board (NWAB) Register here  Register here 
Independent Technical Members Form Register here

Ukrainian Support Membership Information

Area Board Member Registration
Basketball Northern Ireland (BNI) Register here.
Clare Area Board (CAB) Register here.
Cork Ladies Basketball Board (CLBB) Register here.
Cork Mens Basketball Board (CMBB) Register here.
Dublin Ladies Basketball Board (DLBB) Register here.
Dublin Mens Basketball Board (DMBB) Register here.
Galway Area Basketball Board (GAB) Register here.
Kerry Area Board (KAB) Register here.
Kilkenny & SEast Basketball Board (KKSE) Register here.
LonLeitRoss (LLR) Register here.
Mayo Basketball Board (MAB) Register here.
Midlands Area Basketball Board (MABB) Register here.
North East Area Board (NEBB) Register here.
North Munster Basketball Board (NMAB) Register here.
North West Area Board (NWAB) Register here.

Video: Basketball Ireland Registration Demonstration

GameDay Webinar: Collection of Registration For Clubs & Area Boards

Notice regarding Garda Vetting

Due to the recently implemented Garda Vetting legislation, Clubs must have available a set number of people available at club level to witness vetting applicants identification documents.

We suggest the Club Child Protection Officer, The Designated Person and the Club Secretary does this.  There are fields in the registration to input their details.  Should you wish for other committee members to be able to provide assistance at a local level, please send an email to including the name, email address and contact telephone number for the extra people.  The same people listed as these roles will be the only people within the club to check if existing club members have already been vetted and if so, when their vetting expires.

This involves signing Section 2 of the BI e-Vetting Invitation’ & Garda Vetting Identification Form agreeing that he/she has witnessed original copies of the ID and attached copies of it to the ID form itself.  The completed ID form with copies must accompany the e-Vetting Invitation’ & Garda Vetting Identification form that is sent to BIHQ for recording before entering the details into the online e-vetting system for processing.

This will be followed by an email from '' to the person requesting vetting for completion within 30 days of receipt - please keep an eye on your spam folder in case this automated email arrives there.

All those who are to be Garda Vetted under the organisation of Basketball Ireland MUST be registered members of Basketball Ireland for the season that they are being vetted in and they must input their valid BIPIN on the Basketball Ireland 'e-Vetting Invitation’ & Garda Vetting Identification Form.  Any forms received that do not provide valid BIPINs will be sent back to the applicant unprocessed.  If an individual is a volunteer within a club, they must register as same and input a short description on what they do in the club that deems vetting necessary eg. Helping the coach/team manager with underage training sessions etc.


> Detailed Garda Vetting information
> Child Protection Information guidelines 

Injury Insurance

  • Those who have registered for the 2023/24 season, will have injury insurance cover until the end of the 2023/24 season, up to July 31st 2024.

  • Injury claims will only be accepted if valid BIPIN’s are in place at the time of the accident/injury and the individuals/Parent/Guardian email is on the registration profile. The brochure link for details of injury insurance cover can be accessed here.

BI Registrations Officer

Daryl Lambe,