Sep 27 2023

Basketball Ireland registration for NBN23 operators now open

Basketball Ireland’s digital footprint is expanding for the 2023/24 season, with more games than ever captured through NBN23 and available to view via the Swish All Hoops app.

All four National League divisions will have Advanced Stats, which means all game data will be captured in full, to enhance the basketball experience for clubs, coaches, players, fans and media. At grassroots level more games will be covered with NBN23’s Basic Stats, including college basketball and regional competitions such as Dublin Ladies Area Board, North West Area Board and LLR, with others also to be added.

NBN23 operators at all levels must register with Basketball Ireland.

If you are yet to register with Basketball Ireland, you can do so via the following link, the table official registration fee is €50. If you have previously registered and paid for the 2023/24 season with Basketball Ireland as a player, coach, team manager or associate, you should re-register and select all categories that are applicable. A refund will be given for the original registration fee on submission of your GameDay registration receipt. These receipts must be sent to Registrations Officer, Daryl Lambe, on

Ahead of this weekend’s National League fixtures clubs are requested to ensure their NBN23 Advanced Stats operators are registered with Basketball Ireland. Each National League team is to have four trained NBN23 Advanced Stats operators, who will take up a position at the officials table. Club’s NBN23 operators who have completed the NBN23 Advanced Stats training should be registered as Table Officials. A grace period for NBN23 operatives to register will apply for this weekend’s National League fixtures, to give clubs and NBN23 operators time to register, however registration should be completed by 5pm on Friday 8th October for fixtures taking place beyond this date. 

NBN23 Advanced Stats and Basic Stats training certificates can be completed here. The latest NBN23 Advanced Stats instructional webinar for National League clubs with Jorge Ramos or Miriam Magano from NBN23 will take place tonight, 27th September, with details below.

NBN23 Advanced Stats Training

Time: Sep 27, 2023 07:00 PM Dublin
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