National Cup

Feb 24 2022

Venues, dates and times for U18 National Cup semi-finals and finals announced

Following an NABC meeting on Wednesday. where all options for the U18 National Cup semi-finals were reviewed, taking into consideration impact on other sections of our sport, it has been agreed that all U18 National Cup semi-finals this year will take place at the National Basketball Arena on Sunday 6th March 2022. U18 National Cup semi-final fixture schedule

U18 Women’s Semi-finals

10:00     Waterford WildcatsV Limerick Celtics

16:00     Liffey Celtics V Dublin Lions

Billy Coffey U18 Men’s Semi-Finals

12:00     Éanna V Limerick Celtics

14:00     Ballincollig BC V Phoenix BC

The U18 National Cup finals will be held in Cork this year, following a request from the Coffey Family made to the NABC to have the Inaugural Billy Coffey U18 National Cup final in Cork. This will be a once-off and the U18 National Cup will return to the normal Cup weekend with all other competitions next season. U18 National Cup final schedule:

Neptune Stadium  - Saturday, 19th March

15:30 U18 Women’s National Cup final

18:00 Billy Coffey U18 Men’s National Cup final

Please note that spectator tickets are now available for the upcoming Billy Coffey U18 Men's National Cup and the U18 Women's National Cup semi-finals, which take place on Sunday 6th March 2022 at the National Basketball Arena.

No cash will be accepted at the door on the day.

The cost of tickets is broken down below:

  • Adult €10
  • Student/OAP €7
  • U16 €5
  • U10 €2

Purchase U18 National Cup semi-final tickets here.