Mar 02 2023 Masters National Cup features familiar faces and exciting games as rounds progress

The Masters National Cup for O40 men and women has been taking place over the last number of weeks, with many exciting games and old friends doing battle along the way. 

The competition is continuing this week and will culminate with the finals, live on at the National Basketball Arena on the first weekend in April. 

Here's a look at the results so far along with a gallery of the latest imagery. O40 Masters National Cup Men Results

Muckno Lakers V East Cavan Eagles

HT: Lakers 35 – Eagles 32 

FT: Lakers 55 – Eagles 67 

Top Scorers:

Dan Debose (Eagles) 20

Darragh Gaffney (Eagles) 10

Jimmy Ward (Eagles) 8

Stephen Mc Geough (Lakers) 18

Thomas Hughes (Lakers) 12

Barry Thornton (Lakers) 8  

Brothers Near Aand Far vs Éanna Basketball Club

HT: BNAF 45-30 Éanna

FT: BNAF 82-53 Éanna

Top Scorers:

Scottie Summersgill (BNAF) 20 

John Quigley (BNAF)  9

Mike McLaverty (BNAF) 9

Ciaran McEvilly (Éanna) 15

Neville Charles (Éanna) 9 

Derek Kelly (Éanna) 8

Tralee v Sliabh Luachra 

HT: Tralee 24-20 Sliabh Luachra

FT: Tralee 41-46 Sliabh Luachra

Top Scorers:

Quirke (Tralee) 11

Wallace (Tralee) 7

Holden (Tralee) 10

Teahon (Tralee)  7

Brothers Near And Far v Galway Masters

 FT: BNAF 90 -50 Galway Masters

Top Scorers:

V Bronislovaitas (BNAF) 20

S Summersgill (BNAF)  16

P Madsen (BNAF) 15 

M Murray (Galway Masters) 13

D Mc Andrew (Galway Masters) 11

G Hynes (Galway Masters) 10

Midlands v Kilkenny

HT: Midlands 45 - 16 Kilkenny

FT: Midlands 78 - 34 Kilkenny 

Top Scorers:

Greg Dunne (Midlands) 17

Audrius Pauliukenus (Midlands) 12

Martas Kraniauskas/Pierce Fagan (Midlands) 9

O'Neill (Kilkenny) 10

T Wilson (Kilkenny) 9

Nelson (Kilkenny) 6

Energywise Ireland Neptune v Fr. Mathews

HT: Energywise Ireland Neptune 38-24 Fr. Mathews

FT: Energywise Ireland Neptune 73 - 45 Fr. Mathews

Top Scorers:

Michael Mcginn (Neptune) 19

Marcus Walley (Neptune) 12

Kevin Reddy (Neptune) 9  

Millvoj Lodi (Fr.Mathews) 16

Simeon Torreón (Fr.Mathews) 10 

Kingdom Sonics v Killarney Cougars

FT: Kingdom Sonics 79-63 Killarney Cougars

Top Scorers:

J.Galvin (Kingdom Sonics)  17 

D.Wall (Kingdom Sonics)  15

D.Griffin (Kingdom Sonics)   14

Sarunas (Killarney Cougars) 18

Gaffney (Killarney Cougars) 17

K.Grady (Killarney Cougars) 10

Galway Masters V Dublin West

HT: Galway Masters 26-19 Dublin West

FT: Galway Masters 58-45 Dublin West  

Top Scorers:

David Mc Andrew (Galway Masters) 22

Mike Murray (Galway Masters) 11

Glenn Hynes (Galway Masters) 8 

Malte Engels (Galway Masters) 8 

Alan Gunning (Dublin West) 15

K Finn (Dublin West) 11

S Jackson (Dublin West) 6 

East Cavan Eagles V Tyrone Towers

HT: East Cavan Eagles 43 - 30 Tyrone Towers 

FT: East Cavan Eagles 83 - 59 Tyrone Towers 

Top Scorers

Dan Deboss (East Cavan Eagles) 37

Kevin Tuohy (East Cavan Eagles) 14

Mel Mc Gerr (East Cavan Eagles)  8

M Gallagher (Tyrone Towers)  17 

P McKeever (Tyrone Towers) 8

B Donnelly (Tyrone Towers) 7 O40 Masters National Cup Women Results

Galway Masters V Western Seahawks

HT: 23-24

FT: 35-48

Top Scorers:

Georgina Martin (Galway Masters) 14pts

Marie Therese Allam (Galway Masters) 8pts

Michelle Canavan (Galway Masters) 5pts

Muiriosa Galwey (Seahawks) 12pts

S Nolan  (Seahawks) 7pts

T Kelly (Seahawks) 6pts

 Killester V Emeralds 

 FT: Killester 41-39 Emeralds

Top Scorers:

Kennedy (Killester) 10

Corrigan (Killester) 9

Hanley (Killester) 9

Fenton (Killester) 8 

Fagan (Emeralds) 8

Winders (Emeralds) 7  

Daly (Emeralds)  6

Western Seahawks V Dunshaughlin Rockets

HT: Western Seahawks 28-17 Dunshaughlin Rockets

FT: Western Seahawks 50-32 Dunshaughlin Rockets

Top Scorers

Muiriosa Galwey  (Western Seahawks) 19

Fidelma Farrell (Western Seahawks) 7 

Trish Kelly (Western Seahawks) 7

Carrie Myles (Dunshaughlin Rockets)  13

Ger Cleary (Dunshaughlin Rockets)  8 

Elaine McCormack (Dunshaughlin Rockets) 6