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Mar 22 2023

AICC U14 Girls Fixtures and Results 2023

The All-Ireland Club Championship returns this weekend with the U14 Girls taking centre stage at Gormanston Park. 

The U14 Girls competition starts this Saturday and the action-packed weekend sees 25 teams from all around the country battling it out for the right to be crowned champions.

The groups, fixtures and results can be found below. 

This is an all ticket event, tickets can be purchased here. 

AICC U14 Girls Groups

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Firhouse Ballincollig Carlow BC Athlone BC Queens Kilkenny Stars
Limerick Celtics Muckno Lakers Mallow Ballyshannon 88ers Annaghdown Carrick Cruisers
St.Marys Titans BC Sligo All-Stars Portlaoise Panthers UU Tigers Longford Phoenix
Templeogue Tralee Magic Clare Panthers St.Colms Castlebar Comets Boyle BC
Kilrush BC

Saturday Fixtures & Results | Court 1

09:00 Kilkenny Stars 26V36 Carrick Cruisers
10:15 Ballincollig 36V25 Muckno Lakers
11:30 Athlone 29V37 Ballyshannon 88ers
12:45 Kilrush 22V57 Kilkenny Stars
14:00 Muckno Lakers 24V28 Tralee Magic
15:15 Boyle BC 13V41 Carrick Cruisers
16:30 Firhouse 42V43 Templeogue
17:45 Carrick Cruisers 47V20 Kilrush
19:00 Ballincollig 31V42 Tralee Magic
20:15 Boyle BC 35V26 Kilrush

Saturday Fixtures & Results | Court 2

09:00 Longford Phoenix 45V14 Boyle BC
10:15 Titans 19V47 Tralee Magic
11:30 Portlaoise Panthers 36V17 St.Colms
12:45 Carrick Cruisers 32V21 Longford Phoenix
14:00 Titans 29V47 Ballincollig
15:15 Kilrush 12V48 Longford Phoenix
16:30 Limerick Celtics 40V24 St Marys
17:45 Kilkenny Stars 53V17 Boyle BC
19:00 Muckno Lakers 50V07 Titans
20:15 Kilkenny Stars 24V35 Longford Phoenix

Saturday Fixtures & Results | Court 3

09:00 Firhouse 26V52 Limerick Celtics
10:15 Carlow BC 27V36 Mallow
11:30 Queens 41V32 Annaghdown
12:45 Firhouse 38V48 St Marys
14:00 Carlow BC 37V25 Sligo All-Stars
15:15 Athlone 35V49 Portlaoise Panthers
16:30 Queens 36V22 UU Tigers
17:45 Athlone 48V27 St.Colms
19:00 Carlow BC 33V18 Clare Panthers
20:15 Queens 45V24 Castlebar Comets

Saturday Fixtures & Results | Court 4

09:00 St Marys 41V34 Templeogue
10:15 Sligo All-Stars 36V31 Clare Panthers
11:30 UU Tigers 27V34 Castlebar Comets
12:45 Limerick Celtics 50V25 Templeogue
14:00 Mallow 36V31 Clare Panthers
15:15 Ballyshannon 88ers 36V19 St.Colms
16:30 Annaghdown 27V28 Castlebar Comets
17:45 Ballyshannon 88ers 25V35 Portlaoise Panthers
19:00 Mallow 41V19 Sligo All-Stars
20:15 Annaghdown 27V33 UU Tigers

Sunday Format

Division 1   Division 2   Division 3
W1 group 1 A1 R4 Group 1 B1 3rd G2-G6 C1
R2 group 1 A2 R2 Group 2 B2 3rd G2-G6 C2
R3 group 1 A3 R2 Group 3 B3 3rd G2-G6 C3
W1 group 2 A4 R2 Group 4 B4 4th Group 2 C4
W1 group 3 A5 R2 Group 5 B5 4th Group 3 C5
W1 group 4 A6 R2 Group 6 B6 4th Group 4 C6
W1 group 5 A7 Best 3rd G2-G6 B7 4th Group 5 C7
W1 group 6 A8 Best 3rd G2-G6 B8 4th Group 6 C8
5th Group 6 C9

Sunday Fixtures | Court 1

09:00:00 Athlone 53V13 Boyle
10:15:00 Firhouse 42V20 Kilkenny Stars
11:30:00 Limerick Celtics 43V16 Carrick Cruisers
12:45:00 Athlone 46V27 Clare Panthers
14:00:00 Limerick Celtics 49V16 Tralee Magic
16:30:00 A Final Templeogue 12V46  Limerick Celtics

Sunday Fixtures | Court 2

09:00 QC1 UU Tigers 16V41 Annaghdown QC2
10:15 QB1 Ballincollig 16V30 Muckno Lakers QB2
11:30 QA1 St.Marys 52V22 Queens QA2
12:45 SEM C1 Annaghdown 36V43 Sligo All Stars SEM C2
14:00 SEM A1 St.Marys 22V29 Templeogue SEM A1

Sunday Fixtures | Court 3

09:00   Sligo All Stars 39V25 St.Colms
10:15 QB2 Carlow BC 36V30 Longford Phoenix
11:30 Templeogue Templeogue 33V20 Portlaoise Panthers
12:45 SEM C2 Firhouse 34V24 Ballyshannon 88ers
15:15 C Final Athlone 31V37 Sligo All Stars

Sunday Fixtures | Court 4

09:00 QC3 Titans 21V33 Clare Panthers
10:15 QB3 Ballyhsannon 88ers 22V4 Castlebar Comets
11:30 QA3 Tralee Magic 29V21 Mallow
12:45 Sem B1 Carlow 24V46 Muckno Lakers
15:15 B Final Firhouse 29V34 Muckno Lakers