Club News

Aug 23 2023

Basketball Ireland to continue waiving player registration fee for Ukrainian refugees

Basketball Ireland are waiving player registration fees for Ukrainian refugees who join a basketball club in 2023/24, with the aim of continuing their integration and inclusion into Irish society.

The measure was initially put in place following the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine in 2022. We would also like to recognise the work of our clubs who are supporting Ukrainian refugees by supplying a club support pack including promotional basketballs to celebrate their work. 

Grants and Participation Manager Paul Carr said: 

Basketball is one of the most inclusive sports in Ireland. It has been used to bring together people of different nationalities and backgrounds for years. We hope that this initiative can continue to act as a support to those being displaced by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. It will also highlight and support the amazing foundations being laid by our clubs and volunteers in their local communities.  

Basketball Ireland CEO John Feehan added: 

I have been immensely proud of the efforts made by our clubs and volunteers in welcoming Ukrainian refugees into their local communities. Basketball will always have inclusion at its core and being able to continue supporting those affected by the conflict in this manner is something we are delighted to do. 

Clubs looking for any additional information can email Grants and Participation Manager Paul Carr at