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Nov 16 2022

Basketball Ireland U15 Boys Provincial Academy selections confirmed following trial days

The players for the 2022-2023 Basketball Ireland U15 Boys Provincial Academies have been selected, and can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Basketball Ireland wishes to thank all players that attended the Talent Identification Sessions, especially for the effort made by each and every player in the sessions.

Any parent wishing to take up the place for their child must complete this form in full.

Academy place confirmation and registration

  • If you wish to accept the place on the academy, please follow this link to fully register.
  • It is very important that you complete all require fields and check information is correct.
  • With 200 players at this age group across the country we rely on information being correct on the database.

Click here to register

  • If you do not wish to take up this place in the academy, please let us know by completing this quick form so we can give the place to someone else.
  • To confirm your child does not wish to attend the academy:

 Click here to decline place on the academy

To focus fully on running the academy we need to cut down on email traffic so for this coming season all the information for the academy will be published on the Basketball Ireland website via the Academy page which can be found here:  

Basketball Ireland Academy Page

All information on the coaching staff, session calendar, gyms and times will be available here as well as a section with parent’s updates. Any information for parents will appear here as it is updated. I will also put any email I send out there as well so you can refer to them for answers before asking questions.

We expect to have all session times and venues up on the website well in advance of the weekends but for anything not on the website the head coach will be the first point of contact.

  • Email addresses for head coaches are on the website in the coaches’ section on the academy page of the website.
  • If there are last minute changes coaches will contact parents by email, but we hope this is not be required.
  • Please make it a habit to always check the session details on the website before travel.

Once again, this year we have an excellent group of coaches with a lot Experience Enthusiasm and Knowledge in order to raise the standard of coaching and playing.

Under the Academy Head Coaches Martin McGettrick and Ciaran O’Sullivan, the Provincial Head coaches and their staff will be coaching from a syllabus put together to improve the standard of the players and give them the knowledge they will need to play basketball at an elite level. Included in the U15 staff there are a number of current or former international coaches along with many coaches with assistant coach experience at this level so the players are learning from the very best.

Below you will see the confirmed players selected to each Academy along with a code next to each player.

  • Please use this code along with the players’ names for communication especially when it comes to online payments.
  • The payment system will be sent out by email and put on the website in the coming weeks once we get registrations completed.

The cost of Academy is €240 for the year up until the end of May which includes the players academy vest.

As already communicated, we do intend to hold a 3 day 2 night camp which will be optional but will carry an extra charge, we are trying to secure a new venue and once that is finalised we will communicate this.  


To make sure all issues are covered, and we are able to answer any questions quickly please check the academy pages on the website for all information first before sending emails.

  • If the answer is not there and it is about a training session or confirming you cannot make something please communicate to the head coach of your regional academy.

List of Head Coach emails is on the coaches’ section of the academy website page.

  • If you have a payment question once we send out details them please contact BI accounts through Michelle Dermody
  • For general questions that are not answered on the website and don’t relate to any of the above please contact Matthew Hall for provincial academy questions. 

Basketball Ireland U15 Boys Provincial Academy 2022-2023: Player Selection

Connacht Boys

First Name Last Name Club  Code
Alban Hart Moycullen BC CB1
Alex Daly Sligo All Stars CB2
Aston  Fogarty Titans CB3
Aviel Oguekwe Titans CB4
Brian  Meehan Sligo All Stars CB5
Conn  Sweeney  Coláiste Iognáid  CB6
Conor Faherty Moycullen BC CB7
Daniel Tomac Limerick Lions CB8
Darragh Kelly Moycullen BC CB9
Eoghan McGovern Kiltimagh Giants CB10
Ferdinand  Osabuohien  Titans CB11
Jack  Diffily Ballintubber Bulls BC CB12
Jasper Gimena Sligo All Stars CB13
Lucas O Conaola Arevalo Titans CB14
Lukas Lydon Moycullen BC CB15
Luke O’Reilly Claregalway BC CB16
Michael Cleary Clare Comets CB17
Michael  Cunningham smyth  Moycullen BC CB18
Nathan Gbinigie Titans CB19
Oleksandr Herasymenko Sligo All Stars  CB20
Ordhan Farrel Limerick Lions CB21
Ríoghán  Claus Titans CB22
Ruairi McGowan St Gerald’s CB23
Samuel Herrick Titans CB24
Scott Kerr Carrick Cougars CB25
Valerii Blazhko Titans CB26
Conor Bruegmann Frankfurt Skyliners

Ulster Boys

First Name Last Name Club Code
Alex McVicar Blackwater Steelers UB1
Andrew Prendergast  Blackwater Steelers UB2
Breandàn Dodson-Lawrenson Hazelwood Hawks BC UB3
Conor Moore Drogheda Wolves  UB4
Eoin Holman Belfast Phoenix UB5
Eoin Konate Drogheda Wolves  UB6
Jack Gates Drogheda Wolves  UB7
Jack Gallagher North Star Derry UB8
James Napier Queens UB9
Jamie Marron Colaiste Dun An Ri UB10
John Moohan Queens UB11
Johnny  Walsh Belfast Star UB12
Krzysztof Kuchta Hazelwood Hawks BC UB13
Lee Cogan Navan Cougars UB14
Mark Burns Belfast Star UB15
Nedas Smigelskis Dundalk Ravens UB16
Oisin Quinn Dundalk Ravens UB17
Ruairi Og O Scanaill Belfast Star UB18
Sean Campbell Belfast Phoenix UB19
Shea O'Neill Queens UB20
Tom Maguire Carrickmacross Cruisers UB21
William Lawrie Hazelwood Hawks BC UB22
Zach Gouba Belfast Star UB23

Leinster Boys

First Name Last Name Club Code
Oskaras Piskorowski Athlone BC LB1
Lorcan Bailey Morrow BC Tauras LB2
Rojus  Rimas  Drogheda Wolves LB3
Shareef  Elmahi Dublin Lions LB4
Roberts Dremakovs  Dublin Lions LB5
Nicholas Dinca Dublin Lions LB6
Aidan Quinn Dublin Lions LB7
Kieron Martir Dublin Lions LB8
Gareth Hopwood Dublin Raiders LB9
Conor McGee Dublin Raiders LB10
Emmet  Callan Eanna BC LB11
Adam McCarthy Eanna BC LB12
Tom Byrne Killester BC LB13
Martin Kostov-Grealy Kubs BC LB14
Kyle GALIMA Oblates BC LB15
Joaquin Patrick Pahinag Oblates BC LB16
Augustine Farrell Oblates BC LB17
Jayden Umeh Portlaoise Panthers LB18
Desmond  Ogedegbe  Portlaoise Panthers LB19
Ciaran Daly Portlaoise Panthers LB20
Eoin Lewis St Vincent’s BC LB21
Raffy  Connolly Sussex Storm LB22
Conor Behan Swords BC LB23
Aaron Carberry Templeogue College LB24
Eoghan Booth Templeogue College LB25
John Murphy Templeogue College LB26
JOEL ILOGU Tolka Rovers  LB27
Max Geaney UCD Marian LB28
Odhran  Callaly UCD Marian LB29
Chester  Medidas Dublin Raiders LB30

Munster Boys

First Name Last Name Club  Code
Adam Cox Cobh BC MUB1
Adam Gardzijauskas St.Pauls Killarney MUB2
Billy Maher Ballincollig BC MUB3
Cathal  Spring St.Pauls Killarney MUB4
Charles  Nkoy Neptune BC MUB5
Cian  Cronin Limerick Celtics MUB6
Ciarán  Fitzgerald Fr. Mathews MUB7
Colm Price Limerick Lions MUB8
Conor McGibney Tralee Imperials MUB9
David  Bourke Limerick Lions MUB10
Deniss Brusevics Neptune BC MUB11
Finn O'Sullivan Colaiste Choilm MUB12
Fryderyk Klimas Limerick Celtics MUB13
Gabor  Cseh Tipp Titans MUB14
Jake Moore Limerick Lions MUB15
Joahua Minnie St.Pauls Killarney MUB16
Joshua Barry Blue Demons MUB17
Kian O Rourke  Neptune BC MUB18
Max Turski Limerick Celtics MUB19
Michael Griffin St. Mary's Castleisland MUB20
Michael Tadhg  Brosnan Neptune BC MUB21
Oisín Tóibín Ballincollig BC MUB22
Oliver Ensko Neptune BC MUB23
Paddy Lucid St Brendans Tralee  MUB24
Paul Corcoran Limerick Celtics MUB25
Rory Gleeson  Limerick Celtics MUB26
Royce Lin Fr. Mathews MUB27
Ryan Sheehy St Brendans Tralee  MUB28
Sam Walsh Neptune BC MUB29
Sam Boyle St Brendans Tralee  MUB30
Samuel  Taylor Limerick Lakers MUB31
Sean Kelleher Neptune BC MUB32
Seán  Noonan  Neptune BC MUB33
Thomas Byrd Neptune BC MUB34
Will Carmody Neptune BC MUB35

U15 Academy Summer Programme

First Name Last Name Club Province
Luke O'Reilly Claregalway BC Connaught
Ordhan Farrell Limerick Lions Connaught
Daniel Tomax Limerick Lions Connaught
Darragh Kelly Moycullen BC Connaught
Lucas  O'Conaola Arevalo Titans BC Connaught
Samuel Herrick Titans BC Connaught
Shareef Elmahi Dublin Lions Leinster
Gareth Hopwood Dublin Raiders Leinster
Harry Lynch Eanna BC Leinster
Adam McCarthy Eanna BC Leinster
Tom Byrne Killester BC Leinster
Kyle Galima Oblates BC Leinster
Augustine Farrell Oblates BC Leinster
Joaquin Patri Pahinagck Oblates BC Leinster
Desmond Ogedegbe Portlaoise Panthers Leinster
Jayden Umeh Portlaoise Panthers Leinster
Aaron Carberry Templeogue College Leinster
Eoghan Booth Templeogue College Leinster
John Murphy Templeogue College Leinster
Joel Ilogu Tolka Rovers Leinster
Max Geaney UCD Marian Leinster
Oísin Toibin Ballincollig BC Munster
Fryderyk Kimas Limerick Celtics Munster
Rory Gleeson Limerick Celtics Munster
Colm Price Limerick Lions Munster
Samuel Taylor Limerick Lions Munster
Jake Moore Limerick Lions Munster
Deniss Brusevics Neptune BC Munster
Oliver Ensko Neptune BC Munster
Sean Noonan Neptune BC Munster
Ryan Sheehy St. Brendan's Munster
Paddy Lucid St. Brendan's Munster
Eoin Holman Belfast Phoenix Ulster
Mark Burns Belfast Stars Ulster
Nedas Smigelskis Dundalk Ravens Ulster