Club Liability and Player Injury Cover for 2023/24 Season

FREE to Registered Members of Basketball Ireland.

Cover effective 01/10/2023

Cover - Death; Permanent Disablement; Permanent Disabling Injuries, Medical Expenses for injuries sustained whilst participating in a sanctioned Basketball Ireland event/or training.

BI/Arachas – Permanent Injury and Personal Accident Cover

 Limit Excess
1. Death


€10,000 (Under 18)

2. Permanent Disablement: €32,000 -
3. Loss of Speech €32,000 -
4. Loss of Hearing (One Ear) €16,000 -
5. Loss of Hearing (Both Ears) €32,000 -
6. Loss of Sight (One Eye) €16,000 -
7. Loss of Sight (Both Eyes) €32,000 -
8. Loss of Limb €16,000 -
9. Loss of two or more limb €32,000 -
10. Medical Expenses €1,500 €75


  • The individual must have a current registration BIPIN.
  • Confirmation of membership will be obtained by Arachas from Basketball Ireland.
  • Registration data must include a valid personal email.
  • Please note that a generic/club email will not be accepted.

How do I make a claim? 

An incident report form can be obtained from BasketbalI Ireland website, this can be completed and sent to Basketball Ireland to verify BIPIN. Basketball Ireland will then forward incident report to Arachas who will set up a claim and issue a claim form for completion and notify of any further documents required.

During Office Hours

Contact: Laura Cleary, Arachas Insurance Brokers. Phone 01-2135000


Out of Office Hours

Chubb Assistance Telephone: +353 (1) 4401700



Discounted Club Blanket Liability Insurance Details

Basketball Ireland is pleased to announce it has negotiated discounted premiums of approximately 50% for club blanket liability insurance, for all clubs registered through Basketball Ireland.

The club blanket liability insurance includes public liability, professional indemnity, D&O and legal expenses. It has been arranged through Basketball Ireland’s official liability insurance partner Arachas.

View the policy here.

2023/24 season Liability Insurance Premiums:

  • Up to 100 member clubs €220
  • Up to 250 member clubs €330
  • Over 250 member clubs €440

Members include Academy/U10 members who have player registration numbers (BIPIN). These insurance premium rates represent a saving of up to 50%+, compared to last season’s premium, which would have been paid directly to Arachas. Premiums are payable to Basketball Ireland at the same time as the 2023/24 club registration fee of €150 on our GameDay registration platform and will be due by midnight on August 31st to ensure coverage from September 1st.

Details on the club blanket liability insurance policy are available on the link here.

If clubs have any additional queries, please email Basketball Ireland’s Registrations Officer, Daryl Lambe, on

Personal Accident Claim Form 2023/24


Am I covered when I am training?

Yes you are covered to and from training whether on your own or with a group.

Does the policy provide oversees coverage?

Yes, sanctioned events only, should have travel cover.

Is this coverage 24/7?

No, the policy is intended for sporting purposes and related activities. For example, you would not be covered going to the shop on your bike.

What costs does the Personal Accident policy cover?

There is a €75 excess and the maximum amount payable is €1,500 for Medical expenses. A cap of €500.00 is included for Physio treatment following an injury.

NB - All injuries to be diagnosed by a GP and certified.

Does the policy provide oversees coverage?



A claim form will be issued for completion. The broker contacts Basketball Ireland to get confirmation that injured party is a registered member.

Should you wish to purchase higher limits for your teams this can be arranged for you.

A scheme is in place for Public Liability for clubs this year which will reduce costs significantly for clubs.

Any further queries you may have on this product please contact Anthony Murphy on 01-2135000.

All insurance queries to be directed to us we are here to assist.