Sep 24 2021

Celebrating the impact of coaches in our sport #thankscoach

Basketball Ireland, along with Sport Ireland and Sport Ireland Coaching, are celebrating the contribution that coaches play in sport this Saturday 25th September, by taking the opportunity to say ‘Thanks coach!’. The International Council of Coaching Excellence is promoting 25th September 2021 as a day to say ‘#thankscoach’ to all sports coaches.

Coaches provide opportunities to introduce people to sport and physical activity, encouraging people to participate and perform in sport and create connections in the community. They play a huge role on keeping athletes engaged, and in championing the values that sport instills in each of us.

When was the last opportunity you had to say thanks to your coaches? What makes them special? How have you learned from your coach? How did they help you succeed? Check out the tips from Sport Ireland below, on how we can all show our appreciation for the coaches in our sport.