Club Mark

Nov 22 2023

Q&A with Bronze Club Mark holders Longford Phoenix

Q1: What made you want to try and achieve the Basketball Ireland Club Mark?

 Longford Phoenix Basketball Club prioritises Good Governance. Completing the Bronze Mark provided focus. All the elements were already in place but achieving the Bronze Mark provided an opportunity to revisit and update those Policies and Procedures

Q2: How did you find the Basketball Ireland Club Mark process?

The process was fairly straightforward, however, we had to fine tune and update a little before submitting our Application

Q3: Can you tell us a bit about your club - how many teams do you have, when the club was founded and some achievements/highlights?

Longford Phoenix Basketball Club was formed in 2021, following a merger between Longford Falcons Basketball Club and Longford Torpedo Basketball Club. The committees of both Clubs followed the Basketball Ireland Club merger guidelines and the new Club was ratified by the NABC in October 2021

The Club is an Inclusive Club with girls and boys Juvenile teams at U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, Inclusion Men, Inclusion Women, Senior Ladies and Senior Men’s teams

The Club competes in the LonLeitRos Area Board, with selected teams also competing in Midland League.

 Since its inception the Club has

  • qualified for AICCs at U14 & U16 Girls and Boys
  • taken part in Tournaments both home and away
  • taken part in the U17 Girls and Boys Regional Teams, providing both players and coaches 

Q4: What challenges do you face in the club if any?

  • Finding enough coaches is always a challenge.
  • The cost of running a Club is a big issue. Basketball is an expensive sport.

Q5: What difference is the Basketball Ireland Club Mark going to make for your club?

 The Club always strives to be procedurally correct in all its dealings and proof of this is provided to members at the AGMs. The Bronze Club Mark is a public recognition that the Committee is compliant and achieving standards set by its Governing Body, Basketball Ireland.

Q6: Do you think you will engage with the Club Mark system and achieve all the way up to Platinum Club Mark? If so, what do you need to do to get your club to this stage? 

Yes, we are almost ready for our Silver Application and will start on our Gold Mark Application on submitting the silver Application 

Q7: What are the goals for the season ahead?

  • Enter a team in the U18 Boys National Cup
  • Qualify for AICCs
  • Gain The Silver Club Mark
  • Gain The Gold Club Mark
  • Encourage new coaches into the Club and encourage them in becoming Licenced.
  • Encourage more members to become Technical Officials
  • Support more Volunteers to become involved in the Club
  • Host an Inclusion Tournament
  • Enter every team in a Tournament either home or away.
  • Encourage more players to become involved with National Academies and at Regional and Nationalevel.

Q8: What would you say to other clubs thinking about getting involved in the Basketball Ireland Club Mark? 

It is a very worthwhile process. It helps the Club focus on putting in place the Policies and Procedures that are essential for the good governance of the Club and the protection of all Club members