Garda Vetting

Garda E-Vetting Process 

**PLEASE NOTE:  FROM MARCH 1st 2024, no postal applcations will be processed**

It is very important that all persons wishing to be Garda vetted, read the information outlined below, before continuing with the Garda e-vetting process, outlined below.

Further information can be found on the National Vetting Bureau website - 

Did you know, it is a legal requirement that all staff, paid and voluntary, who work regularly with children and/or vulnerable adults must undergo the Garda Vetting process?
National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Adults) Act 2012 to 2016.

An individual may not commence working/volunteering with children or vulnerable adults as a member of Basketball Ireland until their Garda Vetting has been completed and the results conveyed to the Liaison person. It is an offence to start a person in such activities before their Garda Vetting has been satisfactorily completed. A full list of who should be vetted can be found in our e-vetting FAQ section.

All those who are seeking Garda E-Vetting under the organisation of Basketball Ireland MUST be registered members of Basketball Ireland for the season that they are being vetted in and they must input their valid BIPIN on the Basketball Ireland 'E-Vetting Invitation’ & Garda Vetting Identification Form'  in Section 1. 

Any forms received that do not provide valid BIPIN's will be sent back to the applicant unprocessed. If an individual is a volunteer within a club, they must register as same and input a short description on what they do in the club that deems vetting necessary e.g. Helping the coach with underage training sessions etc.

All forms, when completed, are to be EMAILED only, to
**FROM MARCH 1st 2024, no postal applcations will be processed**

E-Vetting Process

The Garda Vetting Unit has developed an electronic based Garda Vetting System which eliminates a lot of the returned vetting forms due to errors as it will only allow correctly completed applications to proceed. This process significantly reduces the process time from the paper application process. Estimated processing time is between *4-8 working days, (*once applicant section is completed).

Step 1

The vetting subject completes a Basketball Ireland 'e-Vetting Invitation & ID Validation Form'. 

Only members 16 years of age and older can be vetted. A parent/guardian phone number and email must used for members over 16 and under 18 on the invite form as they will have to complete the online section on behalf of the child. Please submit a Parental Consent Form for anyone under 18 and over 16 years of age.

The vetting subject should email their e-Vetting Invitation form along with photocopies of the ID to   Please see 100 Point ID Check List for ID requirements

As of March 1st, 2024, NO posatl applications will be Processed.

Step 2
Basketball Ireland then sends the vetting subject a link via e-mail (corresponding to the email address provided in Step 1 of e-Vetting Invitation & ID Validation Form) inviting them to complete the online e-Vetting Application Form. Each applicant will receive an automated email from '', please ensure to check your spam folders if it does not arrive in your inbox. This link will expire after 30 days. If uncompleted in this time frame, the subject will have to re-apply to Basketball Ireland to re-send the link.

Note:  Incorrect forms or applications not meeting the requirements will be rejected and returned to sender for correction at this point.

Step 3
The vetting subject completes e-Vetting Application Form online and submits it to Basketball Ireland.

Step 4
The Basketball Ireland Liaison Person reviews the Vetting Application submission and submits it to the National Vetting Bureau for processing.

Step 5
The National Vetting Bureau processes the application and forwards a vetting disclosure to the Basketball Ireland Liaison Person.

Step 6
Basketball Ireland reviews the vetting disclosure and as soon as is practicable provides a response to the vetting subject by email in PDF format.

Note: The time taken to complete the vetting process is dependent on the prompt return of accurately completed forms. Please take the time to ensure that you have filled out your form correctly.

Other Vetting Information

Relevant Child Protection Information (links)

Lost Successful Letters can be retrieved from Basketball Ireland

In the event that a club member has lost their approved garda vetting letter, they can email the BI Liaison Person, detailing their name, date of birth and postal address and the BI Liaison Person can re-issue the letter to the applicant. The current Authorised Signatory email address is -

Club checking the vetting situation of their current members

If a club wants to check the status of their current members, the Child Protection Officer should email the BI Authorised Signatory detailing the names, postal addresses and date of birth for each member that requires checking. Please ensure that you email from the address that was supplied to BI in the recent Child Protection Officer Survey for security reasons. The Authorised signatories will reply as to the status by return mail in a timely manner.

To download a template to complete to check your existing members vetting status, Download here Club Vetting Record Template. Fill out the details for each member and email to

Information on Garda Vetting

It is extremely important that the Garda Vetting Authorised Signatory and Child Protection Officer have valid contact details for each club’s Child Protection Officer and Designated Person for obvious reasons. If any of your details change or you have any queries or suggestions, please do so via email to Rory Wall or Triona Leahy:


15th February 2024