Sep 19 2021

Get to Know - Matt Treacy

In our latest 'Get to Know', we learn about Matt Treacy, a prominent talent in Irish basketball who has represented his country on several different teams, and who is now honing his craft playing with Southern Nazarene University.

Get To Know

Name: Matt Treacy

Age: 22

Position: 3/4

Current Team: Southern Nazarene University

Previous Teams: Valdosta State University, Tolka Rovers & St. Aidans CBS

International Honors: U17, U18, U20 & Senior

How did you get into basketball: “Tolka started their academy when I was 5 years old and we found out about it by coincidence! Was just something for me to do on Tuesdays.”

Best tip you’d give to an aspiring basketball player: “Have confidence in how hard you work. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for advice”

Favourite player growing up: “Rajon Rondo”

Favourite current player: "Lebron James, The GOAT."

Toughest opponent you have faced on the court: "U14 Maree with prime Eoin Rockall"

Your best moment on a basketball court: “My first game playing for Ireland and my first game playing in the US. Both goals I had set at the time and was proud of myself for achieving.”

Basketball career goals: “Maximize my potential and become the best player that I can”

Hobbies outside basketball: “I’m listening to music all through the day during whatever I’m doing, Outside of that I like to read when I'm not being lazy”

Favourite Food: “Chick Fil A. If you haven’t tried the CFA sauce you need to”

Favourite music band or artist: “J Cole.”

Your TV series recommendation: "Just finished The Sopranos, Currently watching The Wire."